Hello visitors of this site.

Nice that you found your way here. I write here under the name “aicdev”, what the name means you ask yourself? Let’s talk about more exciting topics like computers and technology. Among other things I would like to write about topics related to programming and attitude to the topic. But first and foremost I want to write about those topics that amaze and fascinate me. Maybe there are also exciting topics for you ?!

As an advocate of OpenSource values and the guiding principle “Free knowledge for everyone”, feel free to use anything you find useful from this site.

You can also find some peace of code on my github profile: https://github.com/aicdev

For some topics, I made a video from time to time. Here’s my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3O64DN7mOYpGJN0VsS1sZw

Sometimes I tweet some bullshit here: https://twitter.com/aicdev

Special thanks to my long time friend and mentor “ Hacker Harry“! Thanks for your inspiration and a world of mnemonics!

If you would to like get in contact with, just drop me an email doc[.]aicdev[@]gmail[.].com