It is not uncommon for me to read “Full Stack Developer”, “Senior Software Engineer” and other great titles in job descriptions and signatures. And that is exactly what they are. Self-created, invented and crafted titles that say nothing about skills, talent and knowledge. Self-expression and differentiation dominate curiosity, basics and exchange. Partly young and not experienced developers like to be intimidated by it.

Stop the bullshit!

To all computer enthusiasts who are not yet messed up: Don’t let yourself be scared by titles, descriptions or other things. Concentrate on basics and things you enjoy on the computer and don’t let up. Share your knowledge because you are enthusiastic and want to exchange ideas with others. Ask questions and RTFM! You won’t be able to “master” all topics, the IT world has become too complex and vast for that. Understand your tool (computer) and the world is yours!

Dedicated to a companion who has found her way!




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